Natural Wovens

Natural Wovens

  • Made from sustainable materials such as reeds, grasses, jute and bamboo.

  • The slight variations in the material such as knotting, nodes, and mineral marks make each shade uniquely their own.

  • Add a privacy or room darkening liner for optimal light control.

  • Natural drapes are the perfect solution for wide windows and patio doors.

  • Unique window shapes can be accommodated with angled tops and cut-outs.

  • Choose from cordless lift, continuous-loop lift, cord lift* and bottom up/top down control options.​​

  • Motorization makes the difference for ease of use and is an ideal solution for hard to reach windows.​

  • Add finishing touches with valances, cornices, edge banding and decorative gimp.

  • All shades are crafted to exact measurements to insure the perfect fit.​